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  • Ideation
  • PCBA and Electromechanical Design
  • Prototyping
  • SME Electronics Manufacturing

Westshore has been providing innovative engineered solutions since 2003. Our broad experience in electronic and mechanical design, coupled with software development, has allowed us to grow with our customers. Simply bring us your ideas and we’ll assist with your product from concept through production.

conformal coating

Westshore is Your Single Source Electronics Manufacturer.

Westshore develops and manufactures electronic solutions for small and mid-tier manufacturers. Our value proposition is our ability to serve as an electronics partner to industrial, medical, and consumer product companies. Our customers require embedded control systems, high density circuit boards, cable assemblies, LED PCBAs, instrument lighting, and electromechanical controls. As such, we cover a wide range of contract electronic services from custom design and innovative manufacturing techniques, to thorough component sourcing methodology and supply chain management.

instrument lighting, electromechanical controls

PCBA Design and Manufacturing

  • Double-sided Surface Mount assembly
  • Flexible printed circuit board assembly
  • Metal core printed circuit board assembly
  • Through-hole and mixed technology assembly
  • Automated selective wave soldering
  • Microcontroller programming
  • 100% Functional testing

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