Electronics Engineering and Design

By addressing DFM in the early stages of electronic component design, our electronics engineering optimizes time-to-market and reduces manufacturing costs. Studies show that approximately 70% of product manufacturing costs stem from decisions made in the early design stages, such as material use or manufacturing methods. DFM has great cost-reduction benefits, especially as it relates to contract electronic manufacturing.

Long-term Partnerships

While our strategic mission is to help customers convert their initial idea into custom products, we also remain customer-centric well after delivery. We will continue to provide consultation to our customers on the best path to optimize their design and sourcing. We believe that by helping our customers succeed, we strengthen our collective futures.

Faster Time to Market

We are a seamless extension of your team, with a clear focus and commitment to getting your design or prototype to market faster. Your lead engineer has the primary focus is to bring your idea to life ideation process of developing a thorough understanding of our customer’s final needs and developing innovative solutions.

Production Advantages/Benefits

  • Reduced production cost
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Accelerated product development
  • Reduce assembly steps and quantity of parts
  • Identifies and eliminates errors or faults
  • Fewer warranty issues
  • Greater product stability and performance

Engineering Services

  • Product development— provide complete circuit  design and development
  • PCB design and layout
  • Software development
  • Hardware development
  • CAD design services
  • Design customer-specific test equipment

Design Tools Expertise

  • Pentalogix ViewMate Pro
  • EMS Magician
  • Solidworks
  • Adobe Illustrator

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