The Westshore Way

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The foundation of Westshore is rooted in the relationships we build with our clients, suppliers, and employees that result in a mutually beneficial success.

We Work with Integrity:

  • We do what we say and can be trusted to follow through.
  • We are committed to doing what is right, in an effort to promote the virtue of unity and honesty at work and for our customers.

We Are Customer Focused:

  • Delighting the customer is a mindset that infuses our daily work. We feel the urgency of the demands of their business, and to produce a product that is defect-free and delivered on time.
  • We work proactively to anticipate problems knowing our customers depend on us to meet our commitments.

We Have a Quality Mindset:

  • We each hold ourselves to do our work right the first  time around- no short cuts. We work to anticipate problems before they happen and don’t pass off  substandard work down the line.
  • When we do encounter a quality problem we will  raise the flag, notifying the appropriate people and  work together to solve the problem together.

We Are Conscientious:

  • Our daily approach to work is one that demonstrates a sense of personal pride and ownership. We are on time, knowing every action contributes in a  meaningful way to the final result. We work diligently, consider the needs of others, and are always willing to pitch in to help others.
  • While we each have a job title, we are always willing to pitch in any way we can to help others even if it's “not my job”, understanding that flexibility helps the entire team.

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